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1. Certified Irrigation Contractors (CIC) - a) Turf-Residential b) Turf-Commercial

For more information on CIC required credentials go to: Certified Irrigation Contractors

2. Certified Irrigation Designers (CID)

Certified Designers have passed an extensive written exam and must have at least one year design experience. For more information go to: Certified Irrigation Design

3.  Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors (CLIA)

These certified individuals have generally taken a 1 1/2 day course learning skills to extensively audit an irrigation system, recommend areas that need repair and prepare an efficient irrigation schedule for the system.  They must have passed an Irrigation Association's (IA) CLIA written exam to be recognized as IIABC Certified. 

4.  Certified Irrigation Scheduler (CIS)

Individuals that are CIS Certified have completed a 2 day CIS course on efficient scheduling of an irrigation system and passed a written exam.  For more info go to:  Certified Irrigation Scheduler

5.   Certified Irrigation Technicians (CIT) - (Irrigation system installation & maintenance)

          a) CIT-Level 1   b) CIT-Level 2 Landscape  c) CIT-Level 2 Agriculture

To be recognized as IIABC Certified in any of the above CIT levels, a person must have completed a one day training course and passed a written exam.  For more information click on link: Certified Irrigation Technician