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Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC) Program Changes- Introducing Gold Seal Status


The Board has been made aware of several problems arising from the lack of Certified Irrigation Contractors in many regions.  In one case the municipality is contemplating removing the CIC requirement from their bylaws as there is an insufficient number of contractors that can bid on jobs.  This same problem is being experience in other locations.  To have a vibrant CIC program we need to be able to increase capacity, while at the same time keeping the integrity of the program in place.  Unless changes are made the CIC program would become irrelevant.

The biggest obstacle to obtaining the CIC status is the requirement of having a Certified Irrigation Designer on staff.  Companies lose their CIC status when their CID retires or changes companies and they find this requirement difficult to fill in the short term.  This results in the company losing their CIC status which again is something we wish to avoid.

The Certification Board has discussed this issue and has passed a motion that allows companies to source out the CID requirement.  All of the other criteria must still be met by the company.  Companies that are candidates for CIC status can source out a maximum of two individuals that can provide the CID services to their company.  The must obtain a signed statement from that individual indicating that they will provide the required services to the company.  This signed form must be submitted to the IIABC along with the other documentation.  The company can also seek one alternate CID who must also provide a signed statement.  If the company has complied with all of the other criteria, a signed statement from a CID offering their services to that company will be sufficient to obtain CIC status.

This of course raises the question of what about the existing CIC that are listed with the IIABC and have fulfilled all of the requirements including having a CID on staff.  Existing companies and future CIC’s that have a CID on staff will be considered to have premium CIC status.  The Board is implementing a CIC – GSC (Gold Seal Contractor) status.  The contractor will be able to advertise as such and the IIABC will also acknowledge those contactors on their website.

The Board feels that not only will this option have the ability to strengthen the number of CIC contractors in British Columbia it will also strengthen the Certified Irrigation Designer program, as those individuals that obtain CID status will see an opportunity to apply their trade.

Comments to the Certification Board are certainly welcome.  A listing of Board members and contact info can be found under the Contact Us tab.