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ACF (Annual Certification Fee) Reminder

A common misconception is that your membership dues include your individual certification fee. This is not so....

BOTH, membership dues AND your annual certification fee must be paid in order for your certifications to remain active.

As of January 31, 2021 all certifications that have outstanding fees willl be downgraded to INACTIVE and will not be searchable on our website.  Note your membership fee must have also been paid as you need both dues and fees paid to validate a certification credential.

For those that hold technician certifications only, your certification fee is $25 (plus GST).

For those that hold designer certifications, your certification fee is $50 (plus GST). 

*Only 1 fee per person for the highest certification held*

You must log in to: to pay your annual certification fee. Your username will likely be the email address you provided to us. You may hit “forgot login” on the home page to reset your password if you have forgotten it.

For further printable instructions on how to pay your certification fee Click Here