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September Pesticide Applicators Course - Noxious Weed/Industrial Vegetation

The Pacific Horticulture College (located in Saanich at the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific) will offer a Pesticide Applicator’s Course: Industrial Vegetation and Noxious Weed category in September if there are at least eight participants. Some Parks Canada staff may join CRISP members for this session.

Dates: Wednesday, September 11 and 18 (8:30 am – 4:30 pm) for the course, with the exam either on the afternoon of Thursday September 19, or perhaps another 3-hour time slot to be agreed on by participants with instructor (Laura Biggs of Pacific Hort. College)

Pesticide Applicator Certificate Course/Exam:

Category: Industrial Vegetation Management/Noxious Weed (for those who manage weeds on public or private lands)

Topics Covered: Pesticide Classification, Formulations, Labelling, Legislation, IPM, Safe Practices, Calculations, Equipment, Calibration, Environmental Protection, Common Weeds, Common Herbicides


Cost: $400 per person, including two required textbooks and government exam fee

Registration Contact:
Pacific Horticulture College (


Phone: (250) 479-6162 (any day between 9am and 5pm to sign up)