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Certification Fees

Individual Certification Fees

A common misconception is that  membership dues include your Individual Certification Fee. This is not so....

BOTH, Membership Dues AND your Individual Certification Fee must be paid for your certifications to remain active. Payment of the  Individual Certification Fee is the responsility of the individual holding the certification. 

Employers may choose to pay these fees for their staff but it is not their responsibilty. 

As with Annual Membership Dues, Annual Individual Certification Fees are due on or before January 1st of each calendar year.  A grace period of one month (Jan.31) is given before certifications with outstanding fees are downgraded to INACTIVE and are not valid or searchable on our website to the public researching certified professionals. 

Individual Certification Fees in arrears for longer than 3 years will be asked to rewrite the exam of the highest certification held before certification reinstatement. 

How Much is my Certification Fee? 

For those that hold only technician certifications, your annual Technician Certification Fee is $25 (plus gst).

For those that hold designer certifications, your annual Designer Certification Fee is $50 (plus gst). 

*Only 1 fee per person for the highest certification held*


How Do I Pay?

You must log into your account at: to pay your certification fee. Your username will be the email address you provided to us. You may hit “forgot login” on the home page to reset your password if you have forgotten it.

For further printable instructions on how to pay your certification fee Click Here


Why Were Individual Certification Fees Implemented?

With almost 1000 certified individuals, how we managed the Certification Program in the past does not work well moving forward. The Certification Board is concerned that while we have many individuals seeking certification, many are not doing much to maintain their credentials once certification has been achieved. This is not sustainable and does not
foster credibility when the program is looked at from outsiders. Every other certifying organization has implemented
Continuing Education Units (CEU’s).  It is the only way to verify that certified individuals make an attempt to keep up with changes in their industry.


As well, tracking certifications has become cumbersome, mainly because we put the onus on the company to provide us with the names of their employees that are certified. Quite often an employee will have left and moved to another
company, or leave the industry entirely and the office will not have been able to update the files. The Certification Board has now put the onus on the individual to maintain their certification status with annual certification fees, as discussed in previous communications.

The Certification Fee will help to offset the following costs being absorbed by the IIABC.

¨ Scanning all certification files

¨ Developing and maintaining an online CEU system

¨ Hiring an additional staff member (if needed) to ensure CEU’s have been entered and the Certification Fee has been paid

The Certification Board hopes that the membership will understand the need to move the program forward and take these steps to ensure the integrity, compliance and professionalism of our program. Members can certainly contact members of the Certification Board or the Board of Directors on the direction being taken.